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Club Dice 97.86%
Casino Tropez 97.77%
32Red 97.55%
DelRio 97.50%
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Monaco Gold $1000
VegasRed $888
Del Rio $450
32Red $375
Portofino $150
Hampton $100
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Online Blackjack Strategy & Casino Guide - Online Casinos & Blackjack Strategy Guide

Black Strategy guide, blackjack software guide, best blackjack casinos, Strategy Cards & charts
Online Blackjack

ONLINE BLACKJACK, Welcome to our online blackjack guide. At this site you will find information about blackjack and the best casinos to play blackjack on the internet. The rules for online blackjack, the history of the games, blackjack basic strategy and more. The best free bonus promotions from safe casinos, online casino reviews and links to other games like video poker, baccarat, roulette, keno...Join one of our reliable best internet casinos for playing online blackjack and take advantage of...
No Card Counting, blackjack betting system strategy

Learn George''s techniques for playing black jack and learning the stregies to win.
Black Jack Betting

Excellent selection of web sites and special offers for Black Jack Betting.
Google Directory - Games > Gambling > Blackjack

Directory Help, Search only in Blackjack, Search the Web, Blackjack, Games, >, Gambling, > Blackjack, Go to Directory Home, Categories, Software, (19), Systems, (7), Related Categories: Games > Card Games, (1830), Games > Gambling > Casinos > Browser Based, (314), Web Pages, Viewing in Google PageRank order, View in alphabetical order, Blackjack Info, -,, Provides free basic strategy charts for any set of rules. Also explains rules of casino blackjack...
betting black jack cards

betting black jack cards
Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackjack, This is the rec.gambling.blackjack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list. Changes or additions to this section of the FAQ should besubmitted to:, . Page last modified: 7-09-95, Table of Contents, Section B: Blackjack Questions, B1, What do these funny acronyms mean ... B2, What special terminology is used by blackjack players?, B3, What special terminology is used by card counters?, B4, Why is there so much talk about blackjack in r...
Black Jack Online

Black Jack online, find the best internet blackjack casinos. Free casino bonus money.
Free black jack betting strategy downloads

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Dealer, Player, Player, Player, Player, Blackjack Rules, Object, Blackjack is a betting game played against a dealer. The object is score more points than the dealer without going over 21. Scoring, Points are totaled for each card in a hand. Face cards (Jack, Queen and King) count as 10 points, Aces may be counted as either one or 11. All other cards are counted according to their numeric value. When Aces are present in a hand, the total displayed to its right represents the highest score, not o...

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